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I hope you enjoy exploring the different sections of this evolving platform. Please be assured that the intense light sources that you will encounter here have been translated into bits and bytes, and are safely presented on your digital screens in a tamed way.
Alan Bogana

More about the project

Polarizing Times

These adaptable collages bring together images of laser beams collected from various sources, including science fiction movies, scientific illustrations as well as the documentation of recent protests in Hong Kong where laser pointers were used.

Aligned to form a long and straight beam along a horizontal and vertical axis, the images create a visual map of laser technology. The artwork examines the iconography of laser light and reflects on its real and imaginary applications, ranging from highly utopian fantasies to confrontational, mass and trivial applications.

Horizontal Collage

Vertical Collage

Never look at the sun

Did you ever burn something or someone with a magnifying glass ?
Researchers very often shoot lasers through samples in order to reveal their properties and behaviour. I wanted to explore this idea using cameras. See below for the initial results.

Warning: the links below contain stroboscopic footages!

Experiment #1             Experiment #2

Experiment #3             Experiment #4

Experiment #5

Dead-Pixel Diaries

Dead, stuck, or hot pixels are defective dots on digital camera sensors or digital screens. This section is inspired by these dysfunctional dots and takes the form of a physical installation that explores notions of perception, perspective, machine vision, and blind spots.

Your eye is a camera, your brain is a processor and your skin is a screen. We need better metaphors!

First Presentation

Laws and restrictions

I have been using lasers in my artistic practice for nearly a decade. In 2014, I started to use lasers to create and display holograms. From the beginning, I was intrigued by the mixture of fascination and apprehension that people feel toward lasers. With this research, I wanted to explicitly enquire into the stigma that surrounds certain visual and visible technologies, such as lasers, drones, and surveillance cameras.
In many countries, owning and using lasers have become more and more regulated and restrictive.

Please check out the most recent updates here below.

Laws regarding lasers in Switzerland

Laws regarding lasers in the US